1986-’87 were desperate times.  I was divorced, jobless and in need of some help.  This is the first of a seven piece series and when I started to write on the backs of my paintings.

​Fragile Flowers​​ (Original 7)

​by Robert Gaunt

Painted in high school to copy a master.

New Found Lake

​by Robert Gaunt

Rob's Roses (Original 7)

by Robert Gaunt

Just as the reflection of the water lily is a flawed facsimile, we are similarly just a reflection to others.  The basis of sight is a reflection, so not the total truth. Others see a blur through a veil that contains some level of reality.  When we think about an event or put it into words, we add yet other layers of uncertainty. This iterative process, which is built into us, is riddled with biases.  Our belief system and everything we know is formed in this way. 

The best we can do is to realize this conundrum, reflect yet again, gaining additional grains of truth or perhaps a whole new paradigm.

Copy of Rembrandt

by Robert Gaunt

The Lily Pads With Shadow

The reduction of light due to a shadow darkens the color of objects, light greens become dark greens even blues. Vibrant violets will turn into subdued reds and yellows to orange. The light spectrum is shifted to less energy in the reduced light. We unknowingly interpret shadows to gleen information that we react to. If shadows do not make sense, we can easily be confused. They also give us a sense of the time of day. We are programed by patern recognition to understand the information the shadow brings. For this painting we understand that the sun is low in the sky. We know that something is blocking the light. We know it is a low profile object that means the sun is low in the sky. The painting with its shadows, reflections, and full light makes sense to us. For this painting the artist has met these goals. A painting without the clarity of shadows may leave us uncomfortable. We are used to the one point of light perspective. Our sun has provided this throughout evolution. A painting without this perspective will put our mind in an unfamiliar place. R R Gaunt Feb. 2018

Resonance, Flowers and Fields

(painting 1990; Lit 2017) ​by Robert Gaunt

Flowers and Van Gogh (1987)

by Robert Gaunt

Chinese Flowers

by Robert Gaunt

Two in the Sun (1998)

by Robert Gaunt

The Universe Unveiled

The orbs in the desert sky tell us their distance, size and makeup. They even tell us that the observable universe is expanding and accelerating for the past 5 billion years. The keepers of the knowledge are as has been seen in the past, misinterpreting nearly everything. We expand due to a greater source of gravity that surrounds us further out in space. The observable universe is expanding toward this collapsing sphere of black holes. With perhaps only millions of years left until we are absorbed, we should be looking at how we can survive this collision, By simple math the big bang occurs about every 17.5 billion years. The universe is thus renewed being fueled by special relativity. This truth is written in my paper dated 5/17, "The Universe is Collapsing." Perhaps there is no hope and everything except the time we have left is meaningless. R R Gaunt 3/7/18 Image from Planet Earth II, Deserts

Grande Sun Flower (2017)
by Robert Gaunt

At Port (2014)

by Robert Gaunt

art litism  

The Newest Art Movement

Diorama restoration with background painting added.

Created in 1969, this painting describes my thoughts of children to come and the decisions ahead.  Influenced by Van Gogh.

This painting was dedicated to my son Ryan.  It is one of the original seven paintings.

Roses and Light (1988)

by Robert Gaunt

Alcove at Bumps

by Robert Gaunt

Poppys, Forsythia, and Flower Gardens (1987)

by Robert Gaunt

Kent State

by Robert Gaunt

Grande Sun Flowers (2017)
by Robert Gaunt

Cactus in Boca Grande Dunes

Like the Sun Flowers from these dunes the cactus and it's flower are very memorable sights.
All the vines and twigs of previous years provide the backdrop for this beautiful scene. A local bug
is at home here as it wonders through it's familiar habitat.

Many visitors do not see this sight since the dunes are off limits to the beachgoers. I was reprimanded
several times while getting this image. If you stay to the edges of the dunes you can still see this beauty
and not disturb the ecosystem.

This image is from last year and upon returning this year mostly everything in the dune was gone. Hurricane Maria took away most of the dune and this plant. As with many beautiful things they are fleeting and need to be enjoyed at the moment. This cactus will be viewed for sometime and at least visually will remain.

As global warming continues many things we enjoy will be lost forever. Needless to say in 100 years we may not recognize the earth of today. Pictures may be the only connection. This change is unstoppable and will bring global conflict that will likely undue humans. Perhaps the bug will have its day.

                      R R Gaunt
                      April 2018

I remain distressed that my theory of the universe is ignored. I have contacted about 50 astrophysicists to little aveil. Perhap I should tell them how gravity works? It is manifested from thethe bond deformation of electrons and the nucleus in each molecule and thus only 3 true forces exist.

Gracie's Flower Garden (2013)

by Robert Gaunt

Created in 1975 this depicts living through the cold war.  Influenced by Munch.

This painting reflects the inspiration Van Gogh provided to me.  One of the original seven works, this allowed me to use, “The Starry Night” which I had copied earlier.

The depth we can see into a painting is first created by the artist and then embellished by the viewer.  The artist uses perspective, the sizes of objects, and shadows to bring three dimensions from two.  In this painting the location of the reeds entering the ground defines the ground plane so reflecting light in this plane brings the depth alive. Painting requires deep concentration.  How the artist answers these questions is a gauge of his talents.  My solution to show depth is three fold: use perspective, show parts in three dimension, and tell you about it through artlitism, oh and also add a bug.

There is resonance between sunlight and flowers. The light is absorbed by the flowers, reflecting its unique color while creating life‘s energy. The connectivity of all life to the sun is undeniable. The sun's significance to the solar system is even more apparent. 

Just as the flower is in resonance we are resonating, interacting, and energizing fields. These are a microcosm of every part of the universe. All things resonate as a part of the whole and thus we begin to understand the elegant interconnectedness of our universe.

The jungle in Florida is a beautiful, wild place.  While painting in the dense landscape you can see armadillo, wild pigs, fire ants, rarely a bear, and often an alligator.  The vines are everywhere; they create a flow that is random yet organized. Any weakness of others is exploited. The strangler fig can topple the largest of tree so that only a hollow of the host remains.  And yet the flowers are unaffected. The battle for ground and light is endless here.

We are in the same fight for ground.  As with the flower, we are in a constant battle with our unseen foe. Yet they entangle us with their ideas, their power, and their control.  They are as patient as the fig, strangling our freedom, our well being, and our consciousness.

If we do not become the flower, we will only be the space we used to occupy.

My Mothy Friend, Fly With Me

Come fly with me my Mothy friend, my love, Tonight we will see the stars and go to the moon. It is the biggest, so must be the most powerful light. I have a new plan, we will go to the highest tree. After many flights we will arrive at its top. I'm sure with just a few flaps of our wings, We will be in the purest light, the promised light. It will be the one true light that will be our salvation. When we arrive we will fly into it with no harm. For this light will have no flame. We will be the first to be greeted by God. Follow me and we shall remain in the light forever.

R R Gaunt April 26, 2018 

Just solved the redshift problem, Einstein shift. We are closer than we think!

(Image From Planet Earth II, Deserts)

Reflections (2016)
by Robert Gaunt

The Fig and the Flower (Coral Bean) (2017)
by Robert Gaunt

Blood and Tears (1975)

by Robert Gaunt

Farmers Market in Punta Gorda (2016)

by Robert Gaunt

Moon and Sea

by Robert Gaunt

Painted from memory, this is a scene from Cape Cod.

This is one of the original seven paintings.  With abstract art the words provide the artists map of it’s meaning.  It is just an intelligent place to start the conversation.

The dune sunflowers are a beautiful sight that is over looked by beach visitors. The dune is an arid sandy place where many vines and cactus make their home.  This painting is at present the second in the sunflower series.  They offer a wonderful subject that contrasts dry reeds, dried vines and leaves, the magnificent sunflower bursts with flashes of green leaves. The flowers really do stand out on the dune much as they are shown.  I had been to the beach many times, yet I had not seen the beauty of these flowers.  How much am I missing?  With the rage of flat screens, how much are we all missing?

Life's Entanglements (2015)
by Robert Gaunt

Created from a scene in Gracie’s Flower Garden.  This painting commemorates my love for Gracie.

Entanglements (1972)

by Robert Gaunt

The Road of Life (1969)

By Robert Gaunt

This piece was created to celebrate two people who love basking in the radiance of the sun.

Created just after the Kent State incident when National Guardsmen opened fire on Kent State students demonstrating against the war in Vietnam.

Flowers on a Chest (1987)

by Robert Gaunt