What is Art Litism?  

art litism  

The Newest Art Movement

The depth we can see into a painting is first created by the artist and then embellished by the viewer.  The artist uses perspective, the sizes of objects, and shadows to bring three dimensions from two.  In this painting the location of the reeds entering the ground defines the ground plane so reflecting light in this plane brings the depth alive. Painting requires deep concentration.  How the artist answers these questions is a gauge of his talents.  My solution to show depth is three fold: use perspective, show parts in three dimension, and tell you about it through artlitism, oh and also add a bug.

Art Litism is the combining of art and literature.  This combination of forms gives the Artist a voice; we get to know them.  For example, we know and love Van Gogh because of his letters. Through them we are provided with a deep and intimate connection to his life during the creation of each painting.  Edvard Munch’s diary entries in 1892 reveal his internal conflict and torment leading up to his now iconic masterpiece, "The Scream". The addition of literature helps enhance the observers lens in their search for relevance and meaning in the art work.  This additional dimension is the essence of the Art Lit movement.  In this most simple definition, the fusion of art and literature delivers what we call Art Squared.

Art Squared Outcomes 

Philosophical – gain insight into the mind of the artist.

Historical – discover moments in time which helped shape the work.

Synergistic – harnesses multiple disciplines yielding dynamic outcomes.

Fortifying – by using multiple disciplines, Art as a curriculum is strengthened.


Bob’s memories of art and its impact on him can be traced back to his days in high school. He was introduced to the world of fine art through frequent trips to the great museums in New York City with his girlfriend and her family, the Farrens. They were a great source of inspiration and encouragement to him and he remains grateful to them to this day.


In 1986, divorced, unemployed, and in despair over the break-up of his family, Bob turned to artistic expression, and the art litism breakthrough began. A series of seven paintings were created during this tumultuous period, and resulted in the addition of thoughts and words in the artist's own hand, on the back of each canvas. These inscriptions consisted of poems, words of inspiration to his children and friends, or just his thoughts at the time.  This simple act tied the art and its literature together for eternity. 


“By capturing my thoughts in writing, I found a deeper connection to the true essence of my art.” said Bob recently to a group of aspiring young artists. “This unveiling of the subconscious brought on a profound personal understanding of the  paintings significance. It was extremely powerful!”


Bob splits his time between Port Charlotte, FL and Niantic, CT. He is a member of the Lyme Art Association in Lyme, CT.